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Explore the open sky caves along the NaPali Coast with this hold-on-for-the-ride thrilling adventure in our motorized inflatable rafts designed for the Navy Seals. In addition to the lush valleys, towering sea cliffs and pristine waters, these rafts are the only way to get into the caves. 

What to add to your adventure? How about the beach landing: snorkel off a remote beach, hike to an ancient Hawaiian fishing village and enjoy a picnic lunch.

How about hoping aboard a super raft heading towards the clearest water you will ever see for snorkeling or scuba to the forbidden island on Niihau. Avid bird watcher? This is the trip for you! Lehua has one of the most diverse bird colonies in the world, with over 17 species including the red footed boobies and Laysan albatross.

Just a quick trip? No problem, join us on our 2.5 hour cruise along the South Shore of Kauai. Explore the coral reefs and swim amongst the reef fish (20% of which are endemic to Hawaii). 

Call (808) 651-6479 for more tours and details or to make your reservations.
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