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Introducing your new Concierge Manager


It has been a learning curve for all of us having reopened our beautiful island home after being shut down for over a year and let me tell you, we are so happy to welcome you back.

Many of you many have briefly seen me around the resort over the past eight years or so, in your morning orientations or in the year prior to closure at the concierge desk, but I wanted to take time to reintroduce myself to you as the new Marketing Manager for HTSE Activities.

My name is Konane Henline and I have a been in the Tourism industry for over 15 years. I was born and raised on Kauai, travelled all over the world and when my siblings started having kids, I was happily called home to Kauai once again. In 2017 I had my daughter, quickly realized being a Chef wasn’t best for my daughter, and therefore no longer suited me either. A long story made short, I applied for a mostly stay at home job for a luau, and an awesome guy named Will Leonard (part owner of HTSE Activities) recognized my work ethic, when I waddled into our Sunday morning orientation overdue by a week, to talk about Helicopters to all of you, took a chance and hired me. I did give birth to an 8 lb. baby that following Monday.

I am tenacious, confident, resourceful, authentic, and genuinely loves Kauai and adventures, but those are all just words without actions, so allow me to tell you what I have been working to create for you.

As you can imagine Kauai’s lock down was terribly boring and I love working so with the help of a friend we built our new HTSE Activities website, it is meant as a guideline to what we offer at the resort (classes, rentals, vendors, and of course paint a picture of activity options you could be enjoying). We also started sending out emails (if you aren’t getting them, please make sure your email is up to date) when you are about to hit your sweet spot for booking activities and restaurants, this could be 2 weeks ahead, or 3 months ahead of your vacation. We are keeping an eye out with you in mind, and as always, we never charge booking fees- we are a commission-based job paid by activity vendors. Booking with us is a win for both of us.

Some new things- FREE Farm Fresh Deliveries. This came into play when we were in lockdown, and I had all my food delivered to our house. As guest came in needing to quarantine, I asked if they would be willing to deliver to our resort and happily, they accepted. If you are not a shopper and want quality, local, in-season fruits, veggies, honey, eggs, or local beef… we have you covered, and did I mention it’s a FREE service?!! If you are looking for more than they offer Safeway also has a free delivery service.

Early on I started getting calls from many of you sadly wanting to cancel your vacations because of car rental costs (it did get excessive). I sought out people willing to rent their cars for reasonable costs so you would be able to make that long awaited vacation. We are still recommending local cars, and HTSE is also able to book cars at mainstream car rentals with a 5% discount.

To add convenience, I brought in much of what is needed for your activities into the resort, we have locally crafted soaps and shampoo bars, Kauai made organic bug repellant (yes, it works), reef friendly sunscreen (that is actually reef safe- and a law in Hawaii as of January 2021), rash guards, water shoes and more. Protecting Kauai’s eco system as so much more important to us that you know, and I kept products local whenever possible (this way you get a great product and help sustain the island).

We welcomed back our local artist vendors and Hawaiian immersion classes that can be found on our Amenities page. I am working hard on finding more vendors and bringing in more classes as they become available, and I welcome your suggestions.

As of December 2021, we welcomed back our first food truck on property, Japanese Grandmas they have tasty, high-quality food that is highly recommended by our staff (and not just because restaurant reservations are hard to make- although we do directly link you to many requested restaurants and open table on our Restaurant website page).

With your safety in mind, I implemented new procedures for rentals, especially our snorkel gear that is both cleaned and sanitized, and new mouth pieces are replaced as an added precaution.

For all our wonderful return guest that have made Kauai a second home for many years over, I have brought in new companies and tours this year such as the Princeville’s Botanical Gardens and Chocolate tour, Private Boat Charters out of Kukui’ula Harbor, Waterfall Rappelling and more. Please come down and introduce yourselves, I am looking forward to getting to know you.

Lastly, we happily welcomed Leina Alcos- who many of you know from Hawaii Time Share Exchange, she has added an immeasurable value to our team.

On behalf of Leina and myself welcome home!

Konane Henline

Marketing Manager

(808) 651-6479

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