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What guest are saying about their tours

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Aloha- As we guest comment about what they love about their tours we will be posting them here.

Break Away Fishing- "Captain was so attentive and always working the deck. We caught 4 fish and the captain was right there from the capture to fillet. Boat shared the catch and we feasted on the best for the rest of our week here! Highly recommended"!!

Break Away Fishing- "I know fishing, and Capt. Jeff, he really works the boat. I had a blast! That's the kind of captain you want to go out with"!

Koloa ATV- " We did a lot of great tours this trip, but THIS is the tour my kids won't stop talking about! Booking this made me a super-mom in their eyes"!

Kipu Ranch Adventures- " We've done most of the tours on Kaua'i- BUT the Ultimate Ranch Adventure was the best. We saw parts of the island one never gets to see and learned the history that is not commonly known- TERRIFIC"!

Kauai Sea Tours- "Captain Kauai was AWESOME! Best. Time. Ever"!

Capt. J's Offshore- "The Super Raft experience"-" It was amazing! The snorkeling was beautiful, and I saw more fish than any other snorkeling trip. The captain and crew were very informative and fun to be with We saw dolphins and had a brief swim with a monk seal. The views of Lehua were awesome. I would recommend this for the fish alone. But with everything it is beyond wonderful and worth the money"!

Capt. J's Offshore- "Raft to Niihau was a great experience. Very knowledgeable and fantastic experience. Will do again- perhaps deep-sea fishing"!

Capt. J's Offshore- "Raft to Niihau is the only way to go. Straight from Kauai to Lehua waters. If you are a birder- you will be in your element, if you are a snorkeler or diver- this is the best spot in all of Hawaii. Must do"!

McBryde and Allertons Gardens- "Lovely grounds, Jackie, our bus driver was delightful- Amazing trees, history and education".

Princeville Botanical Gardens and Chocolate Farm- "Chocolate farm is a fantastic tour! Not to be missed. So informative, fun and delicious! Thanks"!

Helicopters- "It's a splurge but SO worth it. If you can get the front, it'd highly recommended. So much of the island you don't get to see otherwise. We saw tons of waterfalls! The colors this island has- pure magic! The pilot was highly knowledgeable, and I learned so much about this beautiful island".

Helicopters- "The only way to see the island!!! Doors on. Doors off. Just do it"!

Waterfall Rappel- "In the 20+ years I have been coming, this is the most awesome adventure we have been on. Its slightly challenging but SO worth it! I would have paid more to have immediately done it again. Just take my money this trip is incredible".

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