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Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann
The ONLY way to experience Kaua'i in it's entirety. 
With only about 20% the island accessible by car or hiking, a helicopter tour is exactly what you need to see the full beauty of what Kaua'i offers. 
Through the crevasses of Waimea Canyon, over Menehune Fish Ponds, the majestic 22 miles of NaPali Coasts cliffs, valleys, waterfalls, and secluded beaches. Panoramic views of Mt. Waialeale's craters, waterfalls and greenery, Jurassic Falls, Kalalau Valley, Bali Hai and Hanalei Bay amongst others. 
Jurassic Waterfall landing optional. 
You will remember this for a lifetime!
Call (808) 651-6479 for info on tours and reservations.
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