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Tasting Tours & Cooking Classes

The number one question I get as a local is... Where do we eat, I want to try local food? As a prior chef, this makes my heart burst with happiness. Kaua'i has an awesome blend of cultures paired with the year-round great weather, we are always looking to eat locally sourced in-season produce, fish and meats. To share our history and culture through food is truly our pleasure. Here "make a plate" is how we show love. On this tour you will "discover locally owned and operated restaurants and chefs who highlight the unique flavors of Kaua'i". 

Want to be more in the action? Why not a cooking class? Let our chef teach you how to prepare an array of local favorites. This three-hour course will teach you 6 local dishes that you can enjoy for lunch AND take home the leftovers! 

Call (808) 651-6479 for info on tours and reservations.
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